JOBS Registration Portal 2022 P-YES Application Form Registration Portal 2019 – The registration form for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES) is now available.

This page will provide you with the right and simple instructions for signing up and applying for the P-YES Application Form for 2022.

Pyes is an incubation program in which kids are directly empowered with Seed Empowerment Tools (SET), with the goal of developing many levels of empowerment.

Read on for more information on how to apply and be one of the 774,000 people who will be recruited.

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If you’re looking for the official recruitment portal for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme, go to Application Form 2022 Is Out

This page includes instruction on how applicants can successfully register for the PYES Application/Registration 2022. All applicants are advised to keep their attention on these procedures to enable them to apply for its job scheme.

VERY IMPORTANT: Any applicant who wants to download the P-YES Application 2022 form should visit it official portal:

And PYES Application Form 2022 is free of charge. For an applicant who wants to apply for their application and register for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Program (PYES) should follow these steps below:

Procedure for registering with PYES

  1.  To register for these program, go to:
  2. Log in to the PYES website
  3.  Enter your phone number and email address
  4. There is an Application Form you will fill
  5. Then, you will receive a confirmation code: (Phone or email address)
  6. Which you must verify and validate
  7. Enter the confirmation code in the PYES Portal
  8. The code will be entered:
  9. Activation to confirm
  10. To complete your registration.

Requirements For Registration 2022 Portal

Literate, semi-literate, and non-literate people will be able to participate in the system.

The basic aptitude and capacity to learn and be teachable is used as the qualification threshold.

Aside from the preceding, the following are the essential requirements for enlistment:

  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and HND or OND
  • To apply the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme is to research, you must be experienced in tech marketing, its crop brand management, P-YES strategy consulting and agency
  • Must have the ability to think outside of positive ideas
  • Applicants must demonstrate basic leadership to execute the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme effectively, with regard to the interest of technology.
  • Basic understanding of Google’s products and technology industry are required by the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme
  • The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme applicant must have the ability to think across:
  1. Disciplines
  2. Industries
  3. Cultures
  4. And scenarios.
  • All applicant must have the ability to manage and coordinate Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme projects with its span of multiple locations.
  • The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme applicant must have the knowledge with regard to track record of analytical success
  • Applicants must have the ability to develop and understand Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme strategy
  • Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme requires applicants who are:
  1. Excellent in writing
  2. In verbal communication skills
  3. Good at English, with regard to interaction
  • Also, other educational certificates are required by the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme
  • A solid mind and a proven upright character
  • A guarantor, ideally a community or religious leader, must be provided by the applicant
  • Possibility of obtaining the support of a local government figure
  • Beneficiaries should be able to share their knowledge and mentor couples in their areas
  • A guarantor’s paperwork is required by Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme for all applicants. Here is where you may get the form.

How To Apply For The PYES Application Registration 2022

Candidates who match the requirements given above should apply below:

  • Visit the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme official portal:
  • At the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme Application Portal, you will see:  Vacant Positions
  • Click on Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme, Requirements and fill the following:
  1. Surname, First Name, Other Name,
  2. Gender
  3. Contact Address
  4. Email address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Marital Status
  7. Height
  8. Place of birth
  9. Date Of Birth
  10. State Of Origin
  11. Home Town
  12. LGA of Birth
  13. National Identification Number
  14. Education Qualifications
  15. Course of study
  16. Location of your business
  17. SLB information
  18. Employment status
  19. Business you would like to be in
  20. And your BVN
  • >>> Apply tab
  • Cross-check your: Application form
  • Scan your documents
  • And upload on the space provided
  •  >>>Submit Application
  • Send in your application for consideration
  • You will receive you have successfully completed PYES registration form process.


P-YES vision is to empower Nigerian youth by providing opportunities and an enabling environment for wealth creation by equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to make them productive, reducing poverty and creating an economically empowered youth population that can contribute creatively and meaningfully to nation building.