TELPECON Grant Registration Portal and How to Register:

Have you been searching for TELPECON Grant Registration Official Portal, then worry no more because you are at the right page. And on this page, we will be providing every procedure about TELPECON, and as well as how you can register for this grant fund. Continue reading for more information

Just in case you have been searching for the TELPECON Grant official portal, or do you wish to participate in the TELPECON Grant scheme? Also, are you a Nigerian and you need a financial assistance to complete your project or start up a business? Just in case all this query had been on your mind, then you have to follow procedures listed on this page.


  1. Telpecon Grant Disbursement Update 2022 | Today’s Update on Telpecon

Talking about, TELPECON, one may ask, who are this organization, and what are their main objectives? In general, TELPECON are a non-governmental agency that disburses funds to applicants who applied for a grant to start up a business or others.

Although, at the time of this TELPECON Grant publication, No official date have been announced by the TELPECON Grant Disbursement management board. But through the information that has reached us, the TELPECON Grant Disbursement is already ongoing.

To apply for the TELPECON Grant Disbursement, all you ought to do is to provide all required information listed on its official portal. Also, providing untrue information will get your fund application declined by its management board, and all TELPECON Grant Disbursement 2022 Online Applications Instruction must be duly followed.

Procedure On How To Apply for TELPECON Grant 2022

In general, to apply for this TELPECON Grant 2022, follow the procedures below:

  1. First, visit the TELPECON official portal:
  2. Surname, First Name, Other Name,
  3. Gender
  4. Contact Address
  5. Email address
  6. Phone Number
  7. Marital Status
  8. Place of birth
  9. Date Of Birth
  10. State Of Origin
  11. Hometown
  12. LGA of Birth
  13. Bank Details are required
  14. Business Proposal
  15. Amount(s) of Funds

With regard to the TELPECON Grant Disbursement Update 2022, all applicants must fill all information correctly. Applicants should ensure that they fill their online details accurate on the TELPECON official portal. And when your online registration is completed, then you are to wait, till you receive a notification from TELPECON Grant.

Meanwhile, at the time of this publishing, there was no official date fixed with regard to the TELPECON Grant disbursement scheme, and as soon as the TELPECON Grant date is officially released, we will update this page.