NYSC Checklist 2022 Camping Requirements

NYSC Checklist 2022 Camping Requirements: Do you plan to serve in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) as a Nigerian graduate? Do you want to know what you need to do to register for the NYSC orientation camp?

What are the essential documents needed for NYSC online registration, is WASSCE certificate needed for NYSC camping., NYSC requirements for married woman, is NIN needed for NYSC registration, as well as NYSC passport requirements. We shall discuss this in this article. Continue reading.

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If you say yes, we’ll show you all the NYSC orientation camp requirements, as well as the materials you’ll need to register for NYSC camp and the products that are strictly prohibited in camp. Please review the sample NYSC call-up letter for Batch A, B, and C before continuing.

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If your documents are incomplete, the NYSC management will send you home. This has been the rule, and it has been followed to the letter. To keep things simple and easy to remember, we’ll divide what you’ll need for NYSC Orientation camp into two categories:

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  • Compulsorily camp requirements, and 
  • Essentially requirements.

NYSC Checklist 2022 Camping Requirements

Below are requirements for NYSC registration 2022

Note: These documents are compulsory without any of them, you won’t be registered at camp

Call Up Letter

Green Card

Statement/Notification of Result

Final year ID Card

Medical Fitness Certificate

Passport Photograph (8 copies)


Note: These are optional but necessary for smooth documentation




Permanent Marker

Small stapler



Note: Casual wears are important to attend Church, Mosque and camp carnivals

Casual/Sunday wears

White round neck T-shirt

White shorts/knicker

White Tennis canvas

White Socks


Note: If you can’t afford to travel with cash, come along with your ATM card. Thanks for POS.

N15,000 – N40,000
Daily Needs

Note: These are not compulsory but you need it for smooth camping.


Antiseptics/Disinfectants (Dettol)

Bath Soap/Detergents/sponge

Bed sheets/Blanket/Pillow

Beverages (Bourvita, milk, Cereals, clCoffee, Lipton)

Body Cream & Lotion


Phone, Power Bank and Charger

Combs & hair needs



Makeup & accessories

Mosquito Net

Waist pouch


Is WASSCE Certificate Needed for NYSC Camping?

Your WASSCE cert. It is one of the important and basic document needed for NYSC camping. Therefore, any prospective corps member who fails to appear to the camp with their WASSCE cert will not be allowed in, and might be sent home. Below are list of O`level cert needed for camping.

O’level certificate i.e. WASC, GCE, SSCE. NECO, IGCE, GCSE, high school diploma for those schooled in the USA etc. Note that Online Result Print out is not acceptable in place of the original certificate

Requirements For Registration/Mobilization Of Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduates

This is essential information:
Prospective corps members should take the following precautions to guarantee a smooth registration process:

NYSC Registration 2022 for Batch A, B & C | www.NYSC.org.ng


For registration and mobilization of foreign-trained graduates into the National Youth Service Corps, originals and photocopies of the following documents are necessary. (Please note that downloadable Certificates/Transcripts, Statements of Results, and Attestation letters are not acceptable.)

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  1. First University Degree or HND Certificate
  2. Complete official transcript of the first Degree or HND course
  3. Mark sheet (for Indian Universities only)
  4. O’level certificate i.e. WASSCE, GCE, SSCE. NECO, IGCE, GCSE, high school diploma for those schooled in the USA etc. Note that Online Result Print out is not acceptable in place of the original certificate
  5. Candidates must obtain credit in not less than five (5) subjects (including English and Mathematics) in not more than 2 sittings.
  6. Please note that persons who did TOP UP program/Course are required to upload their foundation certificate eg APTECH, OND, NIIT, IMFORMATICS etc.
  7. Medical doctors, optometrists. Pharmacists, Nurses, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Radiographers, physiotherapists and all other Health related professionals are required to produce their certificate of registration and Practicing license from relevant bodies. Pharmacists are to present additional documents such as, Oath and letter of introduction from Pharmacists Council of Nigeria.
  • TRAVEL DOCUMENT; Nigerian International Passport Showing Clearly:
  1. Entry visa to the country of study.
  2. Date of First Departure from Nigeria or first Date of entry into country of study.
  3. Date of Return to Nigeria after the period of study
  4. Data page(s) of the international passport(s) used during period of study.
  5. Graduates with dual nationality are required to upload data pages of both International Passports and present same for verification at the physical verification Center/Orientation camp (where more than one passport were used during the period of study, candidate should upload data pages of all the international passports)
  6. Residence permit /visa covering the period of study.

In the event that a potential Corps Member’s international passport is lost, he or she must receive the following:

  1. Police and Immigration reports from the country where the Passport got missing.
  2. Affidavit from the court of law
  3. Other evidence of stay in the country of study and a new International Passport
  4. Personal Data page of the newly obtained International Passport must be uploaded

The following documents are necessary in the event of a loss of academic credentials:

  1. Detailed Police report
  2. Affidavit from the Court of law
  3. Confirmation of result from either the examination body (for loss of O’Level certificates) or the institution of graduation (for loss of degree, HND, Certificates)
  4. Personal Data page of the newly obtained International Passport must be uploaded

Most Importantly,

  • Mobilization is not available to holders of a Higher Education Diploma or a Higher Certificate of Education. As a result, they are not required to register.
  • In lieu of a degree or HND certificate, an attestation letter, a letter of course completion, a letter to Whom It May Concern, or any other relevant document is not acceptable (except for Republic of Cameron).
  • In the absence of a certificate, a statement of results is also not admissible.
  • Please be aware that NYSC Management maintains the right to report any institution or document whose status is in doubt to the Federal Ministry of Education for verification.
  • Married women would be deployed to the state in which their husbands reside if their marriage certificates, husband’s means of identification, such as a driver’s license, an international passport, a national ID card, and proofs of name change were uploaded/presented.
  • Physical verification of all credentials provided by international graduates will take place at the locations, dates, and times specified in the candidate’s dashboard. Those who were given call-up numbers without previously completing pre-camp physical verification will have their numbers validated at orientation camp.
  • After preliminary registration at the Camp, Foreign Trained Corps Members should not send their credentials home until they have been physically confirmed by duly appointed officer(s) from NYSC, National Directorate Headquarters, Abuja. Members of the foreign trained Corps should also stay in camp until their credentials are physically validated.
  • Professional Certificates, Correspondence Courses, and Certificates obtained through online courses from Oxford Brookes are not accepted.
  • Credentials that have been scanned or photocopied are not allowed.
  • Before an Exemption Certificate is awarded, foreign graduates must produce all academic credentials and an international passport for physical verification at the Evaluation Division, Corps Mobilization Department, National Directorate Headquarters, Abuja.
  • Before an Exclusion Letter is printed online, foreign graduates must present all academic credentials and an international passport for physical verification at the Evaluation Division, Corps Mobilization Department, National Directorate Headquarters, Abuja.
  • Members of the Armed Forces, Nigerian Police, Nigerian Security Organization (NSO), Department of State Services, National Intelligence Agency (NIA), and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) who are foreign trained graduates are required to upload their letters of enlistment, letters from their commands, and service identity cards when registering online.