Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2022 & Rank

In this post, we will go over the Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2022  & Rank in detail, including how much the Nigerian army earns and how much troops are paid on a monthly basis.

We’ll also look at their ranks, because if you don’t know how the Nigerian army is organized, you’ll be puzzled about how much they’re paid.

So, if you are going to join the Nigerian army or have already received the form that is the first step in joining the army, I recommend that you read this post from beginning to end so that you can grasp the Nigerian army salary structure and Rank.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2022 & Rank: This article was prepared with the primary goal of informing the public about how much taxpayer money is spent to compensate individuals who risk their lives to maintain the nation’s territorial integrity. Even if they are paid well, it is insufficient to compensate for the sacrifices they have made in the North East of Nigeria, where they are battling terrorism and other social ills.

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Please note that, in addition to the wage system we shall outline today, various bonuses are still paid, free housing is provided in the barracks, and they do not pay for energy as civilians do.

Although, it’s possible that the federal government subtracted this money from their gross income before paying them their net salary. This means that the compensation we will discuss today is the net income after all other deductions have been done.

Nigerian army ranks 2022-2023

The Nigerian army remains the greatest in Africa in terms of size, having grown from 18,000 to over 126,000 soldiers throughout the years. This massive number has been linked to their recent success in containing and handling the Boko Haram situation.

Before we proceed any further, we’d want to categorize the Nigerian army ranks into two groups:

Non-commission officers are military personnel who have completed the standard six-month training program in Kaduna.

They are as follows

  • Private
  • Sergeant
  • Warrant officer
  • Master warrant officer

Commission officers: The main officers, the commission officers, are highly respected and are thought to be in charge of the leadership.

They are as follows :

  • Lieutenant
  • 2 Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier
  • General.

Although the above list may appear to be disorganized, I have chosen to present it in a logical order.

Different Ranks of the Nigerian Army 2022-2023

Commissioned Officers

  1. Field Marshal (5-Star General and the highest rank In the Nigerian Army)
  2. General (4-Star General)
  3. Lieutenant General (3-Star General)
  4. Major General (2-Star General)
  5. Brigadier General (1-Star General)
  6. Colonel
  7. Lieutenant Colonel
  8. Major
  9. Captain
  10. Lieutenant
  11. Second Lieutenant

Non Commissioned Officers

  1. Warrant Officer Class I
  2. Warrant Officer Class II
  3. Staff Sergeant
  4. Sergeant
  5. Corporal
  6. Lance-Corporal
  7. Private
  8. Recruit

If you go to the barracks, they leave separate on their own quarters.

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Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2022

For Commission Officers

Let’s start with the Nigerian army’s commission of officers before moving on to the non-commission officers’ compensation structure. Please note that the officers underwent training at the Nigerian Defence Academy before being commissioned.

Ranks Salary
Second Lieutenant- N120,000
Lieutenant N180,000
Captain N220,000
Major N300,000
Lt. Colonel N350,000
Colonel N550,000
Brigadier General N750,000
Major General N950,000
Lt. General N1 million
General N1.5 million

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Non-commissioned Officer, 2022

We have successfully published the Nigerian Army Non-commissioned Officer Salary Structure and Ranks below. Please carefully review the Nigerian Army Salary Structure and Ranks below. To avoid being confused, everything has been provided in a tabular format.

Ranks Salary
Corporal N58,000
Sergeant N63,000
Staff Sergeant N68,000
Warrant Officer N80,000
Master Warrant Officer N90,000

You should be aware of some important facts concerning the Nigerian army.

  • They have the greatest land army in Africa in terms of total numbers, and they have taken part in more peacekeeping missions than any other African country.
  • They have taken part in peacekeeping missions across practically the whole continent, including Asia and the Middle East.
  • The Nigerian army’s sacrifices are responsible for the peace and stability that countries like Liberia now enjoy.

Regarding the Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2022 & Rank, If you found this information useful and if you have any enquiry, please you can drop them at our comments section below.