Nigerian Army 83RRI Recruitment Form Portal 2022

The Nigerian Army 83RRI Recruitment Form Portal is now open for the intake of Nigerian Army 83rd Regular Recruits in 2022. (83RRI). See the official recruitment 83rri portal for the Nigerian Army 83rri application form, portal, and method for applying for the recruitment operation.

83RRI Portal of the Nigerian Army – Are you ready to join the Nigerian Army? Now that the recruitment form is out, and the portal is available, you can apply for NA 83RRI recruitment. The Nigerian Army 83rri began on 15th September 2022, and the application deadline has not yet been published.

We’ve simplified the application procedure for Nigerians interested in joining the Nigerian Army’s 83RRI recruitment operation, which is now underway. All you have to do now is make sure you carefully follow our instructions, and you’ll be able to submit your application.

Every year, the Nigerian Army recruits new soldiers. Applicants must register for the 83rd Tradesmen/Women recruitment into the Nigerian army on the website

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Nigerian Army 83RRI Recruitment Application Portal 2022

You can apply for Army 83RRI online at To begin, you must first log in to the 83rri army portal and register. You are now ready to go if you upload all the essential paperwork to the Army 83rd Regular Recruit Intake (83RRI) website.

It’s worth noting that the portal used to be, but you will have to go to official website and apply now. Any interested applicants applying should do so now, use the site. Please note that the 83rri form is completely free. Log in to the application portal and fill out the registration form.

Is Nigerian Army 83RRI Recruitment Form Out?

The Nigerian Army’s 83RRI form is now available. On its official website:, the Nigerian Army confirmed the news. The data is correct, and the army 83rri 2022 application form can be seen on the portal.

Many online applicants have inquired whether the application is available. We are happy to inform them that the Nigerian Army is finally ready to recruit additional soldiers, as seen by the release of the army’s 83rri registration form.

Basic Requirements Nigerian Army 83RRI Recruitment 2022

  1. Be a Nigerian Citizen People from outside Nigeria are not permitted to apply for positions in the Nigerian Army 83rri Recruitment.
  2. Be strong in health Those with any health issues should not apply for the Nigerian Army rri recruitment; if they do, they risk being fired after the recruitment.
  3. You have to be educated before applying for the NA Job opportunity, all applicants are urged to present their credentials, which include your WAEC/NECO Certificate as well as a higher educational degree. NOTE: this is not an optional step.
  4. Age Between 18 – 35
  5. Educational Qualification B.Sc., HND, M.Sc., NYSC Discharge Cert. Most Importantly, possession of computer knowledge and certificate will be an added advantage
  6. Other Requirements Not less than 1.68 m in height for male and 1.62 m for female and Must be of good character, have the ability to work under pressure.

Steps to Apply for Nigerian Army 83RRI Recruitment

Follow these steps to apply for the Nigeria Army 83RRI Recruitment:

  1. Visit 83rri for more information.
  2. Select Application.
  3. Fill in the relevant fields, including your email address.
  4. Apply should be selected.
  5. Your application for the 83RRI Army has been submitted successfully.

If you wish to apply for this position, you should follow these procedures. As you can see, joining the Nigerian Army is rather simple, as long as you have the physical and mental qualifications to work with the Nigerian Army.

Some applicants may still have trouble applying for the 83rri of the Nigerian Army. Please double-check your application and make sure you haven’t committed any mistakes that will prevent your application from being approved.

The Nigerian Army will release the names of the 83RRI shortlisted candidates to the public via their website later, and candidates will be able to read their names and determine whether they have been shortlisted.

All questions about the Nigerian Army 83RRI Recruitment should be placed in the comments’ area, and we will go over them one by one and respond to all of your questions about the Nigerian Army 83RRI Recruitment (83RR1).