Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment 2022 NSCDC Form Portal:

Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment 2022: This page explains how to register for Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Recruitment 2022 via the application platform, as well as the application form and requirements.

The commencement date for Civil Defence Recruitment 2022 has been announced. See the NSCDC Recruiting 2022 recruitment form, application portal (, requirements, and how to apply for the NSCDC Recruitment 2022, as well as all other pertinent information on the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Recruitment 2022.

This article provides details on the Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment portal, as well as application guidelines and how to obtain a recruitment form. On the website, you can apply for Civil Defence jobs and get shortlisted.

Most importantly, the application for NSCDC recruiting 2022 is free. If you want to apply for any job opportunity in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, keep this in mind (NSCDC). The application form is available online at the Civil Defence recruitment webpage.

So, here is everything you need to know about the Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment 2022 application process. Let’s get this party started. You came to this page to apply for NSCDC Recruitment 2022 and to view the official Civil Defence Recruitment 2022 portal.

Is the Civil Defence Form scheduled to be released in 2022? Many individuals frequently wonder if the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) recruiting form for 2022 is available. No, is the plain response. Once the NSCDC application form is available, Civil Defence will notify us. or are the Civil Defence recruitment portals. The website for the civil defence application portal will be online as soon as the recruitment process is officially announced.

States Eligible for Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment 2022

Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment 2022 Form:

  1. Abia State
  2. Adamawa State
  3. Akwa Ibom State
  4. Anambra State
  5. Bauchi State
  6. Bayelsa State
  7. Benue State
  8. Borno State
  9. Cross River State
  10. Delta State
  11. Ebonyi State
  12. Edo State
  13. Ekiti State
  14. Enugu State
  15. Federal Capital Territory
  16. Gombe State
  17. Imo State
  18. Jigawa State
  19. Kaduna State
  20. Kano State
  21. Katsina State
  22. Kebbi State
  23. Kogi State
  24. Kwara State
  25. Lagos State
  26. Nasarawa State
  27. Niger State
  28. Ogun State
  29. Ondo State
  30. Osun State
  31. Oyo State
  32. Plateau State
  33. Rivers State
  34. Sokoto State
  35. Taraba State
  36. Yobe State
  37. Zamfara State

Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment Requirements 2022

Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment 2022 Form:

Height (Male) 1.68 m
Height (Female) 1.65 m
Age 18-30
Personal Character Applicants must be crime free before applying for Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment 2022

These are the above requirements for Nigeria Civil Defence listed below:

  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and HND/OND are required for Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment 2022 registration
  • To apply to the Nigeria Civil Defence recruitment scheme, you must be experienced in tech marketing, strategy consulting and agency
  • Must have the liveliness to think out basic ideas
  • Aspirants must demonstrate basic leadership to execute the Nigeria Civil Defence duties effectively, with regard to the interest of technology.
  • Basic understanding of Google’s products and technology industry are required by the Nigeria Civil Defence
  • Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment applicant must have the ability to think across:
  1. Disciplines
  2. Industries
  3. Cultures
  4. And scenarios.
  • All applicant must have the ability to manage and coordinate Nigeria Civil Defence projects with its span of multiple locations.
  • Nigeria Civil Defence applicant must have the knowledge with regard to basic track record of analytical success
  • Applicants must have the ability to develop and understand Nigeria Civil Defence strategy
  • Nigeria Civil Defence requires applicants who are:
  1. Vibrant and Excellent in writing
  2. In verbal communication skills
  3. Nigerian
  4. Good at English, with regard to interaction
  • Other educational certificates are required by the Nigeria Civil Defence

Please notice that the Civil Defence recruitment form is currently unavailable. As soon as the form is available, we will update this page. To find out when the form for 2022 is available, go to or visit the Civil Defence Recruitment Portal at

Basic Information About NSCDC Recruitment 2022

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is a paramilitary organization tasked with ensuring the safety of Nigerians at public events, and as such, it is required to recruit new personnel on a regular basis. When Civil Defence begins recruiting, information will be made available to the public so that they may stay informed.

On its website,, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has declared unequivocally that enlistment for the agency is transparent and absolutely free of charge. This means that you should be able to participate in the recruitment process as long as you have the required credentials.


How to Apply for Nigeria Civil Defence Recruitment 2022

It is quite simple to apply for Civil Defence recruiting; simply visit the official recruitment site at and fill out an application.

After that, upload your documents to the portal and fill in the appropriate information. Here’s how to apply for civil defence recruitment in 2022 in more detail:Go to for more information.

To be a member of Nigeria Civil Defence, you must:

  • Visit the Nigeria Civil Defence recruitment official portal:
  • And once you have access its portal
  • Create an account with Nigeria Civil Defence with an active email
  • Choose a>>>> (A Password You Can Remember Easily)
  • Then, carefully fill the application
  1. Surname, First Name, Other Name,
  2. Gender
  3. Contact Address
  4. Email address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Marital Status
  7. Height
  8. Place of birth
  9. Date Of Birth
  10. State Of Origin
  11. Home Town
  12. LGA of Birth
  13. National Identification Number
  14. Education Qualifications
  15. Course of study
  • Click >>> Apply
  • Go through your (Application form)
  • Scan your original documents
  • And upload on the space provided
  • >>>Submit

For more information about Civil Defence Recruitment 2022, please leave a remark below, and you will be kept up to date. For the time being, this is the most up-to-date information about the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Job Recruitment Exercise.