LASU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers 2022

By | September 2, 2022

LASU Post UTME Past Questions: Download a PDF of former LASU Post-UTME questions and answers. Past questions and correct answers for the Lagos State University Post-UTME/aptitude test from 2015 to 2020 can be downloaded here.

If you are a prospective student at Lagos State University who has passed the JAMB exam for the current academic year. This page contains LASU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers to help you prepare for the upcoming exams.

Why is the Post-UTME or aptitude test the dividing line between pupils who will be admitted and those who will not?

LASU Post UTME Past Questions Pdf

Because the questions on the Post-UTME exam differ from those at the university where the candidate desires to enrol, passing it demonstrates to the institution that you are qualified to study there.

If you’re a serious student who doesn’t want to retake the LASU Post UTME, take advantage of this opportunity by obtaining the entire set of LASU Post UTME prior questions.

In the following ways, this material will assist you in preparing for the exams:

  • You will find your weakness and strength during your first effort to answer questions, and you will then concentrate on your weakness.
  • Self-confidence will soar after studying this material, and exam anxiety will be a distant memory.
  • As you learn, you will find the marking scheme and syllable.

Note that we do not advocate students studying prior questions alone; instead, you should pay more attention and then read on areas where you know you are weak.

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Our former LASU Post UTME questions can give you an idea of how their questions are constructed. And if you’re clever, you’ll figure out which queries come up frequently. Any question that you see is regularly asked should be addressed and mastered.

The newly revised LASU Post UTME Past Question and Answers costs only 2,000.00 naira for a four-subject combo.

If you are writing for the LASU Post-UTME for Law, you will need to purchase at least four subjects, which are:

 Use of English

ii. Biology
iii. Chemistry

The subjects you wrote in JAMB determine which courses you will take in the Post-UTME exams.

There is no way to cheat your way to a high score on any LASU aptitude test; the key is to understand the prior questions.

LASU Post UTME Past Questions Sample 

1. The breaking down of a market into separate and identifiable elements each with its own special product requirements is known as market

a. Differentiation
b. Segmentation
c. Penetration
d. Identification

2. Which of the following gives the correct order in which the listed documents are used?

a. Debit note, order, delivery note, invoice and statement
b. Order, delivery note, invoice, debit note and statement
c. Statement, order, invoice, delivery note and debit note
d. Invoice, order, statement, debit note and delivery note

3. When an industry or company is nationalized, the state becomes

a. The majority shareholder
b. The minority shareholder
c. An equal shareholder with other individuals
d. The only shareholder

4. Freight note is a document

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a. Used by government to transport goods from one country to another
b. Issued by a shipping company giving details of charges
c. Used for payment for imported goods
d. Given by an importer to pay for goods at a future period

5. The practice by which an insurance company accepts a very large risk and later shares it with other insurance companies is called

a. Subrogation
b. Contribution
c. Re-insurance
d. Indemnity

6. The business organization in which shareholders have equal votes is

a. Sole proprietorship
b. Partnership
c. Co-operative
d. Limited liability

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How to Download LASU Post UTME Past Questions

Post-UTME at LASU The free version of the past questions is available first, followed by the whole content.

The free version is available here; however, if you want to acquire answers to the questions or the entire content, follow the procedures below.