KADSUBEB Test Result 2022-2023 CBT Evaluation Test Results

KADSUBEB Test Result 2022-2023 CBT Evaluation Test Results

The KADSUBEB Test Results 2022 KADSUBEB Evaluation Test Results 2022. And on this portal, we will guide all aspirants through the KADSUBEB results for the year session of Kaduna State Teaching Service Examination 2022.

Also, we wish all aspirants who participated in the recent concluded Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board examination, congratulations and success to every single applicants who participated in the KADSUBEB State Teachers Examination Scheme and you all will achieve an excellent result.

In general, the teachers who participated in the staff evaluation test, which was administered by the KADSUBEB can now check their Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board results through its official portal:

  1.  Or using either their employee – (Staff Number)
  2. OR through their salary account number
  3. They can verify their results and also, print their result slips as well.

Is Kaduna State Teacher’s Examination 2022 Results Out?

All prospective teachers are advised to wait for the complete KADSUBEB list of all shortlisted candidates, after its recruitment procedures are complete. And, for aspirants whose names appear on the list, are fully qualified to take the KADSUBEB exam, and we hope that you all have already taken the (CBT Exam) and now awaiting the KADSUBEB CBT Result.

And at this moment, we want to inform all aspirants who took the most recent Kaduna State Teachers Examination, that its CBT Exam results are now available online. Also, its CBT Exam results can only be accessed through the Kaduna State Teaching Service Commission’s official portal.

How to check KADSUBEB Test Result 2022

With regard to the results of the Kaduna State Teacher’s Examination, and to evaluation test result slips, follow the procedures listed below:

  1. First, visit the State Teaching Service Commission’s official portal:
  2. Then, log in
  3. Check your result Scores Online to see if you are qualified to join the (Teaching Service Commission)


  1. To start, first log in to the Kaduna State Teachers portal:
  2. Then, type the employee staff number
  3. Or salary account number (For Instance, The One Been Used For Its Assessment Test)
  4. Type it into the appropriate field, (For Instance, Enter: EKDN 5XXX For Kaduna North Local Government Teachers) on its portal


  1. Log in to the Kaduna State Teachers portal
  2. Using your accurate Login Details
  3. Which includes: (Your Email Address And Password)

And for aspirants who fail to follow these basic steps, may risk losing access to their: (Personal Data).

  1. The purpose of the teacher competency test is basically designed to measure the teacher competency in communications skills
  2. It’s also a measure to determine the knowledge of:
  • Literature
  • Maths
  • Other basic subjects
  • And knowledge about the: (Teaching Profession)

Also, teacher’s candidates are basically required:

  1. To take (Proficiency Exams) in their areas of Specialities.

With regard to its four (4) groupings

  • These competencies help to organize in its field of:
  1. Basic Knowledge
  2. Skills Abilities
  3. Behaviours That Contributes To Its Individual
  4. And In Its Organizational Performance In Education
  • And generally, it is simply designed for teachers
  • To train them on what they need to master, to basically maximize their daily performance, such as:
  1. Classroom Managements
  2. Instructional Delivery
  3. Formative Assessment
  4. And personal competencies
 The State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) has a basic mandate to:
  1. Deliver All Basic Education In The State
  2. And, It is a means to ensure:
  • Qualitative Training To Pupils
  • And Learning To All Primary Schools In Nigeria


With regard to all this basic information, written on this portal: On issues that concerns Kaduna State Teaching Service Commission Examination Results, you can as well do yourself a favour by dropping your query at our at comment section listed below, so to enable us, solve your queries.