How to write an Application Letter for a job in Nigeria

By | August 19, 2022

You’ve come to the right site if you’re not sure How to write an Application Letter for a job in Nigeria. Take a peek at some of our best hints and examples.

Let’s start by defining some terminology. Different countries have different application documents. Unlike in Europe and North America, where a cover letter is usually attached to a résumé, an application letter stands alone and is consequently more detailed.

Employers in Nigeria use the terms “application letter” and “cover letter” interchangeably. We’ll look at how to create an effective application letter in this post and offer you with a sample to use as a guide.

To learn more about the topic, look at some fantastic and in-depth writing instructions and samples of a job application letter in Nigeria.

So, if a company requests an application letter or a cover letter in the job description, you should create a resume/CV together with a piece of writing that clearly describes your main selling points and professional accomplishments.

As a result, an application letter adheres to formal writing guidelines. However, if you follow our advice, you will catch the attention of the hiring manager and stand out among a sea of clichéd and half-hearted applications.

How to write an Application Letter for a job in Nigeria

Before you begin writing, have a look at these helpful hints.

  • Always compose an outline since it will help you structure your letter.
  • Make a rough draft and then fine-tune it.
  • Pay great attention to the first and last words, since they can make or break a hiring manager’s decision to keep or discard your letter.
  • Make your application letter specific to the job criteria, or at the very least to the company’s mission and vision.
  • Avoid complaining or being chummy, and instead use a welcoming tone.
  • Make it as brief as possible.

If you’re writing your first application letter, it’ll take some time to gather all the information you’ll need, create a rough draft, and then refine it with proofreading and our suggestions. However, it will pay off in the long run.

Let’s take a closer look at the many steps of preparing a job application letter or cover letter in Nigeria.

Outline. Just scribble down the titles of the paragraphs and whatever else comes to mind at the time. In Nigeria, for example, your outline could utilize the following application letter format:

  • Company’s address
  • Salutation
  • Opening sentence (strong leadership, customer service, optimizing expenditures)
  • Reasons for writing (my experience fit their job description)
  • Your qualifications and what you have to offer the company
  • Summarize and thank
  • Close off
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Draft. Write the meat of the letter first to avoid getting bogged down by little details like researching the company’s address and the names of the hiring manager and recruiter. During the final stages, you can fine-tune your whole draft.

Robin Ryan, a career counselor at Forbes, warns against sending a boilerplate letter. It goes without saying that you should not copy and paste a random sample on How to write an Application Letter for a job in Nigeria.

Talk about your best traits and most outstanding results in the first paragraph. Consider it a 30-second elevator pitch. Avoid cliches and banalities by being succinct and using only meaningful phrases.

Extend on your professional experience in the second paragraph, keeping the employer’s needs in mind. Make a list of your most noteworthy initiatives and jobs. If you are an entry-level candidate, you may provide information about your schooling, such as SAT scores, certifications and diplomas, prizes, publications, and so on.

In the third paragraph, show your admiration for the firm and underline your alignment with its values, mission, and job responsibilities.

Make improvements to your draft. After you’ve finished writing your rough copy, go over it again and again, removing all clichés, meaningless sentences, and cliches. The New York Times’ Daniel Victor warns against expressing the obvious. It’s pointless to declare you’re a “hard worker” or have a “creative mind,” for example. First and foremost, such assertions are overused.

Second, the task you complete will demonstrate your ability to work hard.

Make improvements to the first and last sentences. You should put more time and consideration into how you word it than the ordinary candidate. For example, Ryan advises against using overused words like “I’m applying for a position offered on the company’s LinkedIn page” to begin your letter. Don’t squander space on vacuous, generic lines that say almost nothing about you in an application letter.

It will take some effort and research to come up with an attention-getting opener that will immediately tap into the employer’s demand while also demonstrating your qualifications.

Try to analyse the position you’re looking for, even if you’re not replying to a specific job description and are sending a cold letter. You’ll know how to handle it once you understand what the business is looking for in a candidate for this position.

If you want to illustrate your talents and work results, start with something like this: “Twice an award winner for my exceptional selling skills at the Finn Group, I can offer my demonstrated expertise in sales and product knowledge to the Diana & Co. sales team to enhance revenue.”

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Focus on what you can give to the firm rather than what you can take from them when you conclude the letter. That is why wishing to see you in person is a waste of time. Make a pledge at the end of your letter:

‘I’d appreciate the opportunity to talk about your existing varnish and paint sales goals and show you how the Finn Group’s ideas and solutions may help Diana & Co expand.’

“Could we meet next week to talk about how my software sales, leadership, and database management talents could help you increase your revenue by 15% each year?”

“I’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss the higher sales and lower costs I’d bring to your organization.”

Make your application letter specific to the job criteria. Keep polishing your application letter after you’ve written the bulk of it. Check to see if the job descriptions on the company’s website or LinkedIn profile match your descriptions and indicated talents. You must demonstrate that you are aware of the company’s needs and job responsibilities and that you are prepared to meet them.

Make sure your letter is error-free. Make sure you follow the Nigerian application letter format on How to write an Application Letter for a job in Nigeria, when you re-read your letter numerous times. To avoid using a generic ‘Dear Sirs’ or ‘To whoever it may concern,’ you should know the name of the hiring manager at this point. Reduce the length of long sentences and double-check each one for clarity. Delete any slang or colloquial phrases. Your tone should be welcoming, light, yet formal at the same time.

Sample of an Employment Application Letter in Nigeria

Here’s an example of an application letter we wrote to demonstrate how to apply all of the above guidelines. You are welcome to use this letter as a template, but keep in mind that generic letters do not entice recruiters to invite candidates for an interview.

Alex Wind
2075 Elliott Street
Los Angeles, CA 90020
+1 510-401-1892


Alicia Benton
General Manager
Bonbon Group
907 Better Street
Los Angeles, CA 90003

Dear Ms. Benton,

I can offer my new employer superior customer service, efficient stock control, and inventive twists on classics after 5 years in leadership positions in two reputable and award-winning Canadian restaurants.

I’m aware that you don’t have a position for a sous-chef right now. However, after reviewing your prior job postings, I’ve chosen to let you know that I’d be a great fit if your restaurant group is looking to expand. I have the potential for rapid advancement, having progressed from line chef to sous chef in a matter of months and then from sous chef to head chef in a year.

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I also helped to a 30 percent boost in revenue by obtaining two significant clients for catering at large-scale events, thanks to a focus on regular upskilling of team members and a strict sanitation routine.

Obtaining a position as a chef at a Bonbon Group restaurant would be both a struggle and a dream come true. The Bonbon Group is well-known in the business for its results, employment possibilities, and dedication to clients. I share similar characteristics and would welcome the chance to contribute to your success. Could we meet next week to discuss how my experience in kitchen management and leadership may help your business become even more well-known than it already is?

Best regards,

Alex Wind
+1 510-401-1892

Wrapping up

As you can see, following a simple format makes writing an application letter easier than it appears. You will, however, require some basic investigation. If the thought of a blank page paralyses you, simply start writing down whatever comes to mind. Later, you can rephrase and refine it. Alternatively, you can use the Internet to find various online application letter builders that can supply you with a great template that you can change and customize.

If you attempt to make your application distinctive and avoid cliches, it may be straightforward and concise while still landing you a job interview. Do not proceed beyond a single page. It should be proofread several times. And approach it as though it were a significant piece of writing with a dash of your individuality.

How do I write a short application letter 2022

How to write an application letter
  1. Research the company and the job opening
  2. Use a professional format
  3. State preferred the position you are applying for
  4. Explain why you are the best fit for such job
  5. Summarize your qualifications
  6. Mention why you want the job
  7. Include a professional closing.

How to write an application letter for a teaching job 2022

Include a polite and optimistic closing.
  1. Address it to a specific person
  2. Open with a summary
  3. Outline your education
  4. Highlight your previous work experience
  5. Describe your teaching basic style and its values
  6. Include a polite/optimistic closing
  7. Letter of intent for first time teacher example

Best application letter for job vacancy

Dear Mr./Miss/Mrs. {The Recipient’s Name}, This is with recommendation to your job requirement on {Its Portal Name} for the position of Sale’s Manager. And I truly trust that my qualifications and exploit make me a perfect applicant for the job