APSAN Training Date and Result 2022

By | August 11, 2022

The APSAN Training Date and Result 2022 is a Nigerian government project to teach Nigerians who have been shortlisted for employment in the Agricultural Produce Sellers Association of Nigeria. This training program equips APSAN staffs with the skills they need to effectively serve Agricultural Produce Sellers and to help them be more resilient during times of crisis or conflict by teaching them how to assist one another and build on their strengths, such as their integrity with others.

The national president of the Agricultural Produce Sellers Association of Nigeria, who is based in Abuja, had previously stated this. All competent Nigerian youths with at least an O’level certificate and higher, according to Akortsaha, can submit an application through the platform.

The federal government must invest extensively in food safety in Nigeria, as data show that over 150,000 Nigerians die each year as a result of illnesses caused by the food they consume.

APSAN Training Date 2022

At this time, the training date has not been set in stone. The training activity will take place when the physical screening exercise is completed, based on the information received. Candidates are also urged to wait patiently for notification from authorities of the Agricultural Produce Sellers Association of Nigeria.

APSAN Training Requirements 2022

All successful candidates are to report to their various training camps with original and photocopies of the following:

  • Original and photocopies of credentials
  • Four copies of 5 by 7 color photograph without cap/hat,
  • Writing materials to include pen, pencils, ruler, notebooks and file jacket,
  • Three pairs of white (unmarked) round neck vests and navy blue shorts (without stripes) and two pairs of white and black socks.
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APSAN Training Result 2022

The result is not out yet, we will update this page once the APSAN Training Result is finally  out.


In Conclusion

All candidates are expected to undergo the recruitment training in 2022. If you fail to show up for this required activity, and it is discovered before training begins, your application will be invalidated without regard for what was submitted previously or any other information on file.

With our current condition of affairs as we approach solving an increasing unemployment rate in Nigeria, the necessity for qualification has never been more crucial than it is now – so put anything that would prevent you from attending the APSAN Training aside.